Local Companies Urged to Bid for Contracts Under Energy Efficiency Project

first_imgThe Government is encouraging companies, including small contractors, to bid on projects under the $2 billion public sector energy efficiency programme. The programme, being jointly undertaken with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), seeks to improve energy efficiency in the public sector by replacing aged and inefficient equipment; retrofitting infrastructural deficiencies; and instilling behavioural change that promotes efficiency and conservation. Making his 2013/14 Budget Debate presentation in Parliament on Wednesday, April 24, Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Minister, Hon. Phillip Paulwell, said there is a 10 per cent advantage for Jamaican-owned companies. “We want Jamaican companies bidding for and winning the contracts, not just so that we can get our people to work, but also so that we can build lasting human resource capacity,” he stated, noting that the programme is structured to accommodate and encourage participation by the Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (MSME) stakeholders. Mr. Paulwell pointed to the “lucrative” business opportunities, which exist in providing services to lower the high cost of energy, particularly electricity. Additionally, he said, there are prospects for banks and other financial institutions to provide financing for engineers, traders, and equipment suppliers. “Already, this Government of Jamaica/Inter-American Development Bank project has provided employment and skills training for labourers in this emerging industry, and we project that as the programme expands, these numbers will continue to rise,” he said. The Minister spoke under the theme: ‘Fuelling Own Growth’. By Douglas McIntosh, JIS Reporterlast_img read more

LÉ Roisin Helps Merchant Vessel in Difficulty Off Ireland

first_img此页面无法正确加载 Google 地图。您是否拥有此网站?确定 Print  Close My location zoom The Naval Vessel LÉ Roisin has taken up station at the scene 30 nautical miles off the Old Head of Kinsale where the Merchant Vessel ABUK LION is in difficulty.It is not thought the vessel is any immediate danger.LE Roisin was sent to the area following a request from the Coast Guard and is standing by to assist and escort the vessel in difficulty and accompanying tug.Conditions in the area have been described as challenging.As Irish Defence Forces reported, that the tug has reached the drifted vessel and the vessel is currently under tow by the Celtic Isle off Kinsale, LÉ Roisin is remaining on scene to assist as necessary. Military Ireland, December 30, 2013last_img read more

Transas to Integrate MeteoGroup Weather Data in Its …

first_imgzoom Transas Marine has announced integration of MeteoGroup weather data in Transas FleetView Online SSAS-tracking software. With this integration Transas will have one global weather data supplier across the company’s navigation product range.Utilisation of weather service from the MeteoGroup in the FleetView Online (FVO) is a key advantage to Transas customers. FleetView Online weather interface provides current and 5-day forecasted weather data over the entire chart folio, displaying sea conditions such as wind, waves and swell, current and other weather elements.Presentation of MeteoGroup’s weather forecasts is already implemented in the Transas Navi-Sailor ECDIS either through Navi-Planner voyage planning software or via an interface between Navi-Sailor ECDIS and MeteoGroup’s SPOS program, and will allow for similar data presentation and management across all systems used onboard or ashore.FleetView Online is a security protected web-based SSAS-Tracking service that provides processing and distribution of SSAS Alerts and displays vessel’s position anywhere in the world anytime. FleetView Online operates with Transas ShipGuard Inmarsat D+/ISAT M2M/IsatData Pro terminals as well as with a wide range of Inmarsat C and Inmarsat mini-C terminals installed on-board. Vessel tracking through Fleet Broadband and a range of terrestrial & space-based AIS services is also available.Transas Marine, January 28, 2014last_img read more

Hueneme Port Reports Significant Growth (USA)

first_img此页面无法正确加载 Google 地图。您是否拥有此网站?确定 My location zoom The Port’s most historic cargo year yielded a significant economic stimulus, reporting 778 new trade related jobs, $5 million in additional taxes and an additional $90 million in Maritime related economic activity as the Port of Hueneme continues to grow as an economic engine for Ventura County and the region.Highlights of the study show that more than 315 of these newly created jobs remain local. This announcement comes from a just released Economic Impact report for fiscal year 2013 performed by Martin Associates Economic Consulting firm.“These are significant numbers for the port and our community,” said Port Commission President Mary Anne Rooney. “Last year was a record year and we are happy to announce another dynamic year of growth. The biggest winners were those finding new jobs as a result of our customer’s cargo and business expansion”.Port CEO and Executive Director Kristin Decas said, “We attribute this success to increasing economic stability and the know-how of our customers to diversify their cargos and develop new markets. First and second quarter performance for FY 2014 continues to be strong and we are cautiously optimistic that the Port economy will continue to grow and add new jobs.”With over 20 years, experience assessing economic impacts to the world’s transportation systems, Martin Associates is one of the most respected economic consulting firms worldwide performing studies of international trade, demographics, public opinion and market surveys.Characteristic of the Port’s community focus, the Martin report showed almost 40% of all Port related jobs were held by Oxnard residents with the city of Port Hueneme coming in second with just under 8% of the total jobs. An additional 400 jobs were added regionally according to Martin driven by increases in most all cargo commodities including, containers, automobiles, bananas, fresh fruit, liquid bulk cargo and other general non-containerized cargo. Last year port customers and their various operations generated more than $63 million in local and state taxes. That number grew by 8% in 2013 to $69 million. Print  Close Port of Hueneme, February 12, 2014last_img read more

Navig8 Growth Strategy Continues

first_imgzoom After the latest batch of up to twelve newbuildings to be built at STX, Navig8 Product Tankers Inc. is going to order more long-range-one (LR1) vessels from another South Korean shipbuilder.Namely, in late February, Navig8 placed a $580 million order at STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. for the construction of eight plus four 74,000 DWT tankers.Now, the company is about to order more long-range-one tankers from SPP Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.The firm contract with SPP is expected to be signed next week. Further details on the contract, like the exact number and price of the ships, will be announced right after the signing of the deal. WMN Staff, March 14, 2014last_img read more

Kirby Offshore Returns to Gunderson for 2nd Tank Barge

first_imgzoom  Gunderson Marine division of the Greenbrier Companies in Portland, Oregon, has received an order from Kirby Offshore Marine to build a second articulated ocean-going oil & chemical tank barge (ATB) to meet sustained demand.The order results from Kirby’s exercise of its purchase option Greenbrier previously announced in January when Kirby ordered its first ATB.The second ATB is identical to the vessel that Kirby ordered in January, a state-of-the-art 578′ tank barge with a carrying capacity of 185,000 barrels. The second Kirby barge is scheduled for completion in the first-half of 2016.These barges are among the largest built in Gunderson’s marine history. The order brings Greenbrier’s current marine backlog to approximately $120 million, its highest level in nearly five years.“We are benefitting from continued strong demand for the transportation of goods by ocean-going barge, particularly the transportation of petrochemicals, crude oil, refined petroleum products and agricultural chemicals,” said William A. Furman, Greenbrier Chairman and CEO.“As we recover from one the coldest North American winters in recent memory, we expect to see increased freight traffic across modes. This should benefit our marine and railcar manufacturing operations with associated demand for our other offerings in our Wheels, Repair & Parts and our Leasing & Services businesses.” “Gunderson is a great place to work, and Kirby’s second ATB order along with other recent orders for both marine and rail products means we will be busy through the next several years,” said Mark Eitzen, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Gunderson.“We have recently welcomed more than 200 new co-workers to our Portland waterfront operations to support our expansion in manufacturing. We expect to add at least 200 more jobs in the next several months, all with competitive pay and benefits, bringing our total employment to over 1,000 workers.”Greenbarier, May 2, 2014last_img read more

VIDEO: Wärtsilä Takes Fishing to Another Level

first_imgzoom Based on close to 40 years of experience and their designers’ extensive knowledge, Wärtsilä has developed a new generation of fishing vessels, more fuel efficient than ever.Harvest (VS6108 PS/TR), delivered in 2014, is one of those designs, where the combination of CFD-optimized hull lines, an efficient propulsion solution and 2-speed gear ensure reduced fuel consumption and lower operating costs.Fishing vessels operate in remote areas and along hostile coastlines, and require reliable installations.Wärtsilä has developed a wide range of solutions for these demanding conditions, including integrated mechanical propulsion system products, and propulsion packages.To ensure maximum efficiency, reliability, and environmental performance throughout the entire lifecycle of the installation, Wärtsilä’s solutions are customized to meet specific ship design and operational requirements.And although the company cannot guarantee that your luck with fishing will change, the new VS6108 will definitely provide you with an upper hand. World Maritime News Staff, August 13, 2014last_img read more

Shipping Confidence Lowest in Years

first_imgzoom Overtonnaging, the effect of lower oil prices and the growth of investment by financiers from outside shipping have led to overall confidence levels in the shipping industry falling to their lowest level in two-and-a-half years, the latest Shipping Confidence Survey from accountant and shipping adviser Moore Stephens reveals.In February 2015, the average confidence level expressed by respondents in the markets in which they operate was 5.5 on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high), down from the 5.7 recorded in November 2014. Geographically, confidence was down in all main areas covered in the survey.A surplus of tonnage, particularly in the dry bulk trades, dominated the comments of those who responded to the survey.One said: ”Dramatic over-ordering in the dry cargo market in the last two years has led to the catastrophically bad market we have today. What is now even more frustrating is that those clever guys who thought that dry cargo newbuildings were a good idea are now starting to convert them to tankers. Excellent! Let’s hit another sector that has just found its feet with more unnecessary orders! When will people learn?”Demand trends, competition and tonnage supply featured as the top three factors cited by respondents as those likely to influence performance most significantly over the coming twelve months.Turning to the freight markets, there was a fall in the number of respondents anticipating improved rates in the tanker sector over the next twelve months, but increased expectation of higher rates in the dry bulk and container ship trades.Respondents also remarked that containerisation was moving into some trades previously dominated by break-bulk ships.”Overtonnaging is not so much the elephant in the room as the room itself. It is a major factor in the collapse of freight rates,” Richard Greiner, Moore Stephens Partner, Shipping Industry Group, said.”Elsewhere, everything from continuing problems in the world economy to the imposition of sanctions (most recently those involving Russia) has helped neither the confidence nor the performance of the markets. Even the fall in oil prices, which at first blush might have seemed to be good news for an industry with such a high fuel bill, has its down side too.”Greiner also said that ”the day when shipping fails to attract new money from both internal and external investors is the time to really start worrying,” pointing out that over the past twelve months a number of banks rediscovered their appetite for shipping to a certain extent. The industry has also started attracting private equity investors, which, according to Greiner, are becoming ”increasingly significant players.””The current ship finance market is much-changed from the traditional model which many of today’s established players grew up with. But different doesn’t have to be bad and, however volatile the market, new investment is essential to both survival and growth,” said Greiner.”None of this will be news to those experienced industry players who, to varying degrees, have seen tough markets before and who will find the wherewithal and the patience to ride out the current difficulties. It is less certain whether others will be able, or willing, to hold their nerve so well.”last_img read more

RollsRoyce to Propel Torghatten Nords New Ferries

first_imgzoom UK-based engineering company Rolls-Royce has signed a deal to supply 15 gas engines to Norwegian ferry company Torghatten Nord AS. The engines will power five Multi Maritime-designed LNG ferries operating between Bergen and Stord.According to Kjell Harloff, Rolls-Royce, Vice President, Engines – Marine, “the Bergen lean-burn, pure gas, medium-speed engine range, combined with efficient hull designs, can help customers, like Torghatten Nord, cut their ships’ emissions and fuel bills significantly.”All 15 engines are C26:33L9AGs, a generating set with nine cylinders in-line. The engine can operate on variable speed to reduce both fuel consumption and emissions. The C-gas engine has an operating speed of 1,000rpm and power of 2430kW.Two of the vessels will be built at the VARD Brevik yard in Norway, while the other three will be built at the Tersan Shipyard in Turkey. The vessels are expected to enter service in January 2019.Torghatten Nord currently operates 33 ferries and 10 express boats in Norway.last_img read more

Sunken Vessel Hampers Traffic in Cochin Shipping Channel

first_imgzoom A fishing boat which sank in the shipping channel in India’s Cochin Harbour is hampering vessel traffic in the area, according to GAC India.The vessel sank in the morning hours of September 19. It developed a leakage and its engine stopped working while it was some 5 nautical miles off the coast.After alerting relevant authorities, the fishing boat was to be towed to Thoppumpady harbour. However, it sank when it reached the area between barmouth and Fort Kochi junkar.All six fishermen from the boat were rescued.GAC India informed that, following the sinking of the fishing vessel in the main shipping channel at the harbour mouth, Cochin Harbour is unable to handle ships of over 10 meters in draft as the wreck is located close to the center line of the channel. Due to its location, there is not enough width for the bigger ships to pass through.The contract for removal of the wreck has been entrusted to a private party and they have been engaged in operations to sling the boat lying at the bottom and thereafter lifting the sunken fishing vessel off the bottom to take it out of the dredged shipping channel.GAC India said that the operations would be resumed as before with full draft once the wreck removal is completed.last_img read more

Algoma Buys Product Tanker for Domestic Fleet

first_imgCanadian shipping company Algoma Central Corporation has purchased a 2008-built product tanker which will become the seventh vessel within the Algoma Tankers Limited fleet.As informed, the ship is scheduled to depart Gothenburg today and head for Canada, at which time the vessel is expected to begin operations within the company’s product tanker fleet.We would like to announce the purchase of a product tanker for our domestic fleet! See the details here: https://t.co/oyGGdKH7Fc #shipping #tanker #excitingtimesatalgoma pic.twitter.com/1CABfvEUnf— Algoma Central (@AlgomaCentral) November 9, 2018“We are extremely pleased to add a vessel to our Algoma Tankers Limited fleet as customer demand continues to strengthen in this segment,” Ken Soerensen, President and CEO of Algoma, said.The 16,958 dwt vessel will be re-named the Algonorth after the company held a Name the Tanker Contest in which all employees took part.Algoma Tankers’ fleet ships petroleum products on the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Seaway and East Coast.Algoma Central Corporation operates a fleet of dry and liquid bulk carriers, including self-unloading dry-bulk carriers, gearless dry-bulk carriers and product tankers. The company also owns ocean self-unloading dry-bulk vessels operating in international markets and a 50% interest in NovaAlgoma, which includes a diversified portfolio of dry-bulk fleets operating internationally.last_img read more

HapagLloyd Discharges FireDamaged Yantian Express Boxes

first_imgzoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license All Yantian Express containers affected by the fire have been discharged from the vessel, German shipping company Hapag-Lloyd informed.Specifically, offloaded were boxes in the fire impacted areas in way of cargo holds 1 and 2 – on and under deck.The company is currently working on a solution to transship these containers which cannot be reloaded back on the vessel.In addition, the company is still searching for a terminal where it could offload the undamaged containers.“Presently, the plan is for the balance of the undamaged cargo to remain on board the Yantian Express, which will depart Freeport once needed repairs are finalized,” Hapag-Lloyd said in its latest update. “The final port of call for the vessel is still to be nominated,” the company added.As World Maritime News earlier reported, the 7,506 TEU containership suffered a fire in the North Atlantic, around 650 nautical miles off the Canadian coast on January 4. After the fire increased in its intensity, the ship’s crew members were evacuated two days later.In February, the 2002-built boxship berthed in Freeport, Bahamas, to undergo the evaluation process and prepare for cargo discharge. Around 200 containers have been identified as a total loss.last_img read more

MacGregor Chinas Clearance of TTS Deal Still Pending

first_imgThe completion of MacGregor’s acquisition of the maritime and offshore businesses of TTS Group ASA has again been postponed.MacGregor, part of Cargotec, now anticipates the closing of the transaction to take place in the third quarter of 2019.In March, MacGregor announced it expected to receive approval from the competition authority in China and wrap up the acquisition during Q2 2019. However, the regulatory process in China lasts longer than expected.“Chinese competition authorities have yet not completed their investigations, and according to the information we have received, timeline for the last phase of the current cycle of the filing process in China is due in July,” TTS Group ASA said in a separate statement.The deal, worth more than USD 100 million, was unveiled in February last year when MacGregor decided to buy all TTS’ assets except for TTS Group ASA and its shipyard solution business Syncrolift.The acquisition is subject to regulatory approvals from the competition authorities in Germany, South Korea and China.In November 2018, MacGregor received the approval from the German regulator and from the South Korean regulator a month later.last_img read more

Date limite de présentation des candidats pour le Prix GrandPré

first_imgLa date limite de présentation des candidats pour le Prix Grand-Pré 2007 n’est plus très loin. Chaque année, la province honore un artiste dont le travail reflète les valeurs et les traditions de la culture acadienne. Cette année, un prix de 2 000 $ sera donc remis à un artiste confirmé dans les arts du spectacle ou le cinéma. Tous les noms doivent être envoyés ou déposés au ministère du Tourisme, de la Culture ou du Patrimoine au plus tard le lundi 16 avril prochain à 16 h 30. Selon Len Goucher, ministre du Tourisme, de la Culture et du Patrimoine, le Prix Grand-Pré permet de mieux faire connaître les artistes à l’intérieur même de leur communauté, de la communauté acadienne et dans l’ensemble de la province : << Le patrimoine acadien fait partie intégrante de notre identité, et nous sommes donc heureux de pouvoir remettre ce prix chaque année à un artiste acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse qui a su se distinguer par la qualité de son travail. >> Le Prix Grand-Pré a été créé en 1987 pour honorer le travail des artistes acadiens de la Nouvelle-Écosse dans les domaines des arts du spectacle et du cinéma, des beaux-arts et de l’artisanat, ainsi que de la littérature. Ce prix permet donc de récompenser des artistes dont le travail, outre son excellence et son originalité, reflète les valeurs et les traditions de la culture acadienne. Selon Chris d’Entremont, ministre des Affaires acadiennes : << Il existe beaucoup d'artistes acadiens talentueux en Nouvelle-Écosse; nous sommes donc heureux que le Prix Grand-Pré 2007 puisse honorer la contribution importante des arts du spectacle et du cinéma à notre patrimoine unique. >> Les gagnants du Prix Grand-Pré des années précédentes sont : Eric Surette, chanteur et compositeur; Francois Gaudet, photographe; Denise Robicheau, artisan; père Anselme Chiasson, écrivain; Phil Comeau, cinéaste; Denise Comeau et Simone D’Eon, visualistes; René LeBlanc, écrivain; William Roach, art populaire; Alain Raimbault, auteur. Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur le Prix Grand-Pré ou pour vous procurer un formulaire, veuillez vous rendre sur le site Web du ministère : www.gov.ns.ca ou contacter Lois Ward au 902-424-6392, ou à l’adresse suivante : wardlm@gov.ns.ca .last_img read more

Les élèves obtiennent de bons résultats à lexamen provincial de mathématiques au

first_imgDeux élèves de 3e année sur trois ont respecté les exigences du premier examen provincial de mathématiques au niveau élémentaire en Nouvelle-Écosse. Les résultats de l’examen de mathématiques au niveau élémentaire ont été publiés aujourd’hui, 19 février. L’examen incluait les mathématiques mentales, le calcul et la résolution de problèmes, et il évaluait la gamme complète de concepts mathématiques que devraient comprendre les élèves qui terminent la 3e année. « Cet examen donne aux parents, aux enseignants et aux conseils scolaires des renseignements importants qui nous aideront à donner à tous les élèves le meilleur départ possible en ce qui a trait aux mathématiques, » a dit Karen Casey, ministre de l’Éducation. L’examen, auquel se sont soumis près de 10 000 élèves de la 3e année en juin dernier, met en évidence les forces de chaque élève, ainsi que les domaines qui ont besoin d’amélioration. Soixante-sept pour cent des élèves ont respecté les exigences, et 16 pour cent ont obtenu des résultats particulièrement élevés à l’examen. Les élèves ont obtenu les meilleurs résultats dans le calcul mental de base et les règles de mathématiques, avec une moyenne provinciale de 88 pour cent. Les élèves ont également eu de bons résultats dans les tâches qui consistaient à compter, à interpréter des données et à déterminer les probabilités, obtenant un résultat moyen de plus de 80 pour cent. Un rendement satisfaisant pour cet examen était de 67 pour cent, une norme qui correspond au niveau de compréhension nécessaire pour donner aux élèves une base solide pour leur succès futur en mathématiques. « Nous avions des attentes élevées en ce qui concerne cet examen, et je suis heureuse de constater qu’un si grand nombre d’élèves ont répondu à nos attentes, » a dit Mme Casey. « Même si les élèves ont obtenu de bons résultats en général, nous pouvons toujours faire encore mieux. » « Ces résultats permettront d’améliorer le rendement de nos élèves. » Les résultats individuels des élèves seront transmis aux parents et tuteurs à compter de cette semaine. Chaque rapport indiquera si l’élève a répondu ou non aux attentes. Les enseignants des élèves qui ne répondent pas encore aux attentes communiqueront avec les parents pour discuter des résultats. Les enseignants utiliseront l’information relative à l’examen pour choisir des stratégies d’enseignement spécifiques visant à renforcer les compétences en mathématiques des élèves et d’aborder les besoins identifiés des élèves qui ne répondent pas encore aux attentes. Le ministère de l’Éducation fournit aux enseignants la ressource intitulée Mathematics 4: A Support Resource. Cette ressource, créée par le ministère et par une équipe d’enseignants néo-écossais ayant des connaissances d’expert en matière de mathématiques au niveau élémentaire, offre aux enseignants des renseignements et des stratégies d’enseignement visant à améliorer la compréhension des mathématiques de chaque élève. Pour plus d’information sur l’examen provincial de mathématiques au niveau élémentaire, consultez le www.eemla.ednet.ns.ca.last_img read more

Premier Expresses Sorrow Over the Death of Michael Baker

first_imgPremier Rodney MacDonald today, March 3, expressed deep sadness at the death of Michael Baker. Mr. Baker, 52, died Monday, after a long battle with cancer. “Michael was an extremely able and dedicated public servant who truly loved Nova Scotia,” Premier MacDonald said. “Michael’s sage advice, his good humour and his boundless enthusiasm for the legislative process will be greatly missed by all members of the legislature.” Mr. Baker was first elected to the legislative assembly in March 1998, and was re-elected July 1999, August 2003 and June 2006. His cabinet duties included Minister of Finance, Minister of Transportation and Public Works, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Minister of Justice and Attorney General, and chair of the Treasury and Policy Board. “I send my most sincere condolences to Cindy, Matthew and Daniel and all of Michael’s family and friends at this sad time,” Premier MacDonald said. “Michael’s courage and strength were a lesson to all of us and will not be forgotten. I am honoured to have called him my friend.”last_img read more

Changes To Harness Racing Act Introduced

first_imgAmendments introduced today, Oct. 8, to the Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission Act make changes needed for Newfoundland and Labrador to join the commission. The administrative changes include: New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island will also have to amend its legislation, and Newfoundland and Labrador will need to introduce new legislation, before the amendments can be proclaimed. “Nova Scotia is laying the ground work to grant a request from the province of Newfoundland and Labrador to become part of the commission,” said Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell. “When all provinces in Atlantic Canada have made the necessary legislative changes there will be one organization to promote and regulate harness racing for the Atlantic provinces.” The act will also replace references to Maritime with Atlantic, with the exception of reference to the Council of Maritime Premiers and its associated act. The Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission was established by the Council of Maritime Premiers in 1994 to regulate the industry in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. The commission is responsible for establishing uniform rules for harness racing in the region and recruiting, training, evaluating and deploying officials. It promotes and markets harness racing and encourages breeding and racing of horses. renaming the commission the Atlantic Provinces Harness Racing Commission increasing its membership from six to eight to include two representatives from Newfoundland and Labrador adjusting requirements for quorum to reflect the increased number of memberslast_img read more

50 children saved after police bust paedophile site Interpol

first_imgLyon (France): International police group Interpol said Thursday that nine people had been arrested in Thailand, Australia and the US and 50 children had been rescued after investigators took down an online paedophilia ring. More arrests were expected as police in nearly 60 countries pursue investigations stemming from an Interpol operation launched two years ago into a hidden “dark web” site with 63,000 users worldwide. Fifty children were rescued following the arrests. Police are trying to identify an additional 100 in images that had been shared on the internet’s uncharted corners. Also Read – ‘Hong Kong won’t rule out Chinese help over protests’Interpol said its Operation Blackwrist began after it found material that was traced back to a subscription-based site on the dark web, where people can use encrypted software to hide behind layers of secrecy. Dark web sites can’t be found through search engines, and users need to have the specific URL address to land on a site. Interpol enlisted help from national agencies worldwide, with the US Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) department eventually tracking the site’s IP address, where new photos and videos were posted weekly. Also Read – Pak Army chief accompanies Imran at key meetings in ChinaThe first arrests came in early 2018, when the site’s main administrator, Montri Salangam, was detained in Thailand, and another administrator, Ruecha Tokputza, was captured in Australia. Salangam, whose victims included one of his nephews, was sentenced in June last year to 146 years in prison by Thai courts, while an associate, a pre-school teacher, got 36 years. Tokputza was handed a 40-year prison term at his trial in Australia last Friday, the longest ever for child sex offences in the country. The Australian Associated Press reported that Tokputza, 31, pleaded guilty to 50 counts of abuse of 11 babies and children — one just 15 months old — between 2011 and 2018. “You are a child’s worst nightmare, you are every parent’s horror, you are a menace to the community,” Judge Liesl Chapman said in Adelaide. Interpol did not identify the others arrested.last_img read more

In a single day 45 people held for causing ruckus after getting

first_imgGurugram: The Gurugram police in a single day detained 45 people for being drunk and causing a ruckus on the streets. After repeated complaints, law enforcement officials have begun a special campaign against open drinking on the city streets.In February 2017, the Haryana government had brought a law of not allowing open drinking in public areas. Besides taking punitive action on the people who drink at the public places, the Haryana Government will also act against people who consume alcohol in their vehicles. Also Read – Cylinder blast kills mother and daughter in Karawal NagarAccording to city residents, the move if implemented well can prove to be useful in reducing incidents of accidents, rash driving and crimes in the city. Most of the residents in the city also highlighted how a lack of action by the Government in the past has resulted in mushrooming of a large number of unlicensed wine and beer shops in the city. Most of these shops in the recent past have come up around the residential colonies. “There is a wine and beer shop just outside our office complex. Most of the people come here with their friends, park their vehicles in the wrong places and start consuming alcohol in the vehicle. They play loud music and create a ruckus. There is also a metro station close by and most of the women also travel through this area in the night. Imagine the kind of insecurity which these women face daily,” said Kanika Rawat who works for a multinational company in Global Business Park. “Along the border of Delhi, the Gurugram Traffic Police has put barricades where they check people for drunken driving. But, just a few kilometres from the place there are around 5 wine and beer shops functioning in continuation and there is just no police presence in that area,” added Rawat.last_img read more

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